Faculty details

  • Name : – Mr. Gopal Krishan Yadav ( M.Com., NET, B.Ed.)
  • Designation : – Assistant Professor
  • Working Since : – 18.10.2017 To Present

B.Com (Regular)

Program Outcome 

 This program could provide Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, Warehousing etc.well trained professionals to meet the requirements.
 After completing graduation, students can get skills regarding various aspects like Marketing Manager, Selling Manager, over all Administration abilities of the Company.
 Capability of the students to make decisions at personal & professional level will increase after completion of this course.
 Students can independently start up their own Business.
 Students can get thorough knowledge of finance and commerce.
 The knowledge of different specializations in Accounting, costing, banking and finance with the practical exposure helps the students to stand in organization.

Program Specific Outcome
 The students can get the knowledge, skills and attitudes during the end of the degree course.
 By goodness of the preparation they can turn into a Manager, Accountant , Management Accountant, cost Accountant, Bank Manager, Auditor, Company Secretary, Teacher, Professor, Stock Agents, Government employments and so on.
 Students will prove themselves in different professional exams like C.A. ,
C S, CMA, MPSC, UPSC. As well as other coerces.
 The students will acquire the knowledge, skill in different areas of communication, decision making, innovations and problem solving in day to day business activities.
 Students will gain thorough systematic and subject skills within various disciplines of finance, auditing and taxation, accounting, management,
communication, computer.
 Students can also get the practical skills to work as accountant, audit assistant, tax consultant, and computer operator. As well as other financial supporting services.
 Students will learn relevant Advanced accounting career skills, applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge to their future careers in business.
 Students will be able to do their higher education and can make research in the field of finance and commerce.

Course Outcomes
B.Com First Year

Financial Accounting:
 To enable the students to learn principles and concepts of Accountancy.
 Students are enabled with the Knowledge in the practical applications of accounting.
 To enable the students to learn the basic concepts of Partnership Accounting, and allied aspects of accounting.
 The student will get thorough knowledge on the accounting practice prevailing in partnership firms and other allied aspects.
 To find out the technical expertise in maintaining the books of accounts.
 To encourage the students about maintaining the books of accounts for
further reference.
Business Mathematics
 To use and understand useful functions in business as well as the concept of EMI.
 To learn the applications of matrices in business.
 To understand the students to solve LPP to maximize the profit and to minimize the cost.
Business Environment :-
 To make the students aware about the Business and Business Environment.

 To develop entrepreneurial awareness among students.
Business Economics:-
 To provide students knowledge of Micro Economic concepts and inculcate

an analytical approach to the subject matter.

 To arouse the students interest by showing the relevance and use of various economic theories.
 To apply economic reasoning to solve business problems
Business Communication:-
 To make the students aware about the business communication.
 To understand the process and importance of communication.
 To develop awareness regarding new trends in business communication,
various media of communication and communication devices.
 To extend business communication skills through the application and exercises
Business Regulatory Frame work :-This paper acquaints the students with information regarding the rules, laws and regulatory bodies that frame the business regulations in India 2 Year

Corporate Accounting:-

 This course aims to enlighten the students on the accounting procedures followed by the Companies.
 Student’s skills about accounting standards will be developed.
 To make aware the students about the valuation of shares.
 To impart knowledge about holding company accounts, amalgamation, absorption and reconstruction of company.
Cost and works accounting :-
 To understand Basic Cost concepts, Elements of cost and cost sheet.
 Providing knowledge about difference between financial accounting and cost accounting.
 Ascertainment of Material and Labor Cost.
 Student’s Capability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situation will be increased.
Business Statistics:- The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the applications of statistical techniques in business decision-making.
Corporate Law:- The objective of the course is to impart basic knowledge of the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and the Depositories Act, 1996. Case studies involving issues in corporate laws are required to be discussed.
Principles of Management:- The objective of the course is to impart basic knowledge regarding the basic principles of management which will help students in effective and efficient management of a business.
Fundamental of Entrepreneurship :-The course aims to provide basic knowledge to the students about the organisation and management of a business enterprise.
B.Com Final
1. Income Tax: The students can understand Income tax system properly and learn to assess the income tax of a person according to income tax provisions.
2. Indirect Tax:- This paper provides knowledge about the indirect taxation.
3. Management Accounting:- This is a specialised paper in Accountancy. This paper will help the students to acquire conceptual knowledge of the Management Accounting.
4. Auditing :- This paper provides knowledge about the process, steps and regulations regarding auditing and assurance.
5. International Marketing:-1. Have developed an understanding of major issues related to international marketing 2. Have developed skills in researching and analyzing trends in global markets and in modern marketing practice 3. Be able to assess an organization’s ability to enter and compete in international markets.
6. Principal of Marketing :-This paper provides knowledge about what is Marketing and how it’s used ,Identify the primary marketing activities of an organization,Determine market segments and target customers,Apply principles of ethics and social responsibility in marketing.