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Faculty Details

SNNameDesignationWorking FromTo
1.Mr. Arvind ToppoGuest Lecturer17.08.201529.02.2016
2.Mr. NandKumar KashyapGuest Lecturer16.08.201628.02.2017
3.Mo. Jubeir AkhtarGuest Lecturer01.08.201728.02.2018
4.Mo. Jubeir AkhtarGuest Lecturer21.08.201828.02.2019
5.Mo. Jubeir AkhtarGuest Lecturer06.09.201929.02.2020
6.Mo. Jubeir AkhtarGuest Lecturer02.03.202130.06.2021
7.Mo. Jubeir AkhtarGuest Lecturer02.11.2021Present as on 21.04.2022
Total Sanctioned posts in this department = 01 Assistant Professor only

Program and Course details

Program and Course Department of English offers compulsory course of English Foundation Course in each year of B.A., B.Com, B.Sc. programs.
SyllabusPart -1
Part – 2
Part – 3

Program & Course Outcomes

UG Class- I,II,III

Goals, Objectives and Learning outcomes

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to:-

  • Interact with academic content Reading, Listening and Speaking.
  • Demonstrate ability to think critically.
  • Demonstrate behavior and attitudes appropriate to a university environment.

 Reading Goals:-

  • Apply the skills and strategies of a successful reader.
  • Read critically.
  • Students will interpret tests with attention to am biguilty. Complicity and aesthetic value.
  • Students will read diverse texts within their historical and cultural contexts developing a critical understanding of how literature can both uphold and resist exiting structures of power.

Course objectives for reading and Vocabulary:-

            This course will develop the Students ability to:-

  • Skim for main idea.
  • Develop reading speed.
  • Build academic vocabulary.
  • Make use of contextual dues to in per meaning of unfamiliar words from context.
  • Discuss and respond to context of the text orally and in writing.
  • Reflect on and evaluate learning and performance and set goals per progress.
  • Demonstrate behavior and attitudes appropriate college environment.

Students learning outcomes:-

            Given an academic reading passage the students will be able to:-

  • Identify the main idea (s) in the text.
  • Identify specific details.
  • Distinguish fact from opinion.
  • Make inferences and predictions based on information in the text.
  • Identify author’s purpose and tone.
  • Produce academic vocabulary appropriately orally and in writing and summarize paraphrase information text.


  • Understand and apply the conventions of academic writing in English.

Course objectives writing and Grammar:-

This course will develop the student’s ability to:-

  • Write effective and coherent paragraphs.
  • Use pre-writing strategies to specific topics.
  • Develop coherent content and support with relevant cletails.
  • Give critical peer feedback.
  • Use poor and teacher feedback to edit writing.
  • Build academic vocabulary.
  • Use a variety of accurate sentences structures.
  • Use grammatical structures accurately.

Students learning outcomes:-

            Give writing prompt, the students will be able to:-

  • Write a paragraph with a topic sentences, support and concluding sentences.
  • Produce coherent and unified paragraphs with acleguats support and detail.
  • Write an effective introductions and conclusion.
  • Produce a well organized academic energy.
  • Produce appropriates vocabulary and correct verb forms.
  • Produce accurate grammatical structures, demonstrate control of mechanics.


Goal: – apply the skills and strategies of a successful listener.

Course objectives for listening:-

            This course will develop the students ability to :

  • Take organized notes on lectures and listening passage.
  • Identify and distinguish main ideas from supporting details.
  • Make use of contextual dues to in per meaning of unfamiliar words from context.
  • Identify speaker’s purpose and tone.
  • Make inferences and predictions about spoken discourse.


Goal:-apply the skills and strategies of a successful speaker.

Course objectives for speaking and oral presentation:-

This course will develop the student’s ability to:-

  • Discus and respond to content of a reading of listening passage.
  • Use communication strategies to participate in group and class discussions.
  • Select, compile and synthesize information for an oral presentation.
  • Paraphrase and cite sources.
  • Use vocabulary appropriately.
  • Use grammatical structures appropriately.

Student learning outcomes:-

Given a topic to research and present in class the student will be able to:-

  • Focus the topic.
  • Apply research procedures.
  • Locate and select relevant information.
  • Produce appropriate vocabulary.
  • Produce accurate grammatical forms.
  • Give an oral presentation in class using effective delivery strategies.