Environmental Studies

Subject-Environment Studies

Program specific Outcomes:-

  1. Understanding environmental Circumstances by the students at the undergraduate level.
  2. Understanding the relationship of man with the environment and half then change his attitude and more positive eco friendly and sustainable life style.
  3. Greeting information about climate change global warming, Acid rain, green house effect, ozone.
  4. Cultivating attitude to safeguard the environmental built particularly with field experience.
  5.  Greeting information about environment protection Acts.

Course Outcomes:-

Students will be able to understand and explain following aspects relevant to environmental concern-

  1. The multi disciplinary nature of environmental studies. Nature resource renewable and non renewable studies.

2. Eco system:- Concept Structure and function of an ecosystem. Biodiversity and its Conservation.

3. Cases effect and control measures of- Air, Water, Soil, Marine, Cuclear, Pollution, Solid waste Management, Disaster Management.

4. Environmental management- Environmental Protection Act.

5. General Background and historical perspective, Human Rights UNO charter, Human Rights 1948.

6. Impact of human rights norms of India, Human rights under the constitution of India. National human rights commission, state human right commission and human right court in India.